Jennifer Zylstra, Hypnotherapist

Was I ever relieved when I realized that we can change ourselves if we really want to! For so long I believed that once a habit was entrenched we were stuck that way. And it wasn't just my conscious habits but what I sometimes call my "Standard Operating Procedures", just those things I did without even realizing that I was doing them or that I had the choice: letting emotions rule my life, worrying too much about what everyone else thought and not enough about what I thought, and yet at the same time still being so terrified that I came off somewhat egocentric. Not exactly the balance I wanted.

But, in came hypnotherapy and it changed my mind and my life. I was actually able to "rewire" my brain to allow me to better operate in the way I desired. Hypnotherapy gave me insight into where my issues came from and how I could resolve them.  It isn't magic, but it is the closest thing to magic I have experienced.

I decided to name my practice "The Answer Within" because I noticed that that was where the power of the change or transformation was, within ourselves. No matter if the issue is about self confidence, a relationship or phobia, at the end of the day the answer to our problem is within ourselves and we are responsible for finding that answer. Hypnotherapy makes that so easy and so pleasant.

I believe it is my open, relaxed and non-judgmental attitude that allows clients to feel comfortable and confident sharing with me.  My insight into human motivations and behaviours grants me the ability to offer clients effective, supportive assistance in releasing negative experiences and reaching their goals by helping clients find healthy perspectives of their life experiences and themselves.



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