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Do you struggle with sleep?


Imagine being able to sleep easily through the night...

You know sleep is important, you know when you have had a rough night of sleep the next day is a crappy one and so you (usually) make sure to give yourself enough time to sleep, but, for some reason, when your head hits the pillow this is when your mind seems to kick into high gear.

  • Your life is good, but you aren’t enjoying it like you could because you are so tired all day

  • You get things done but it is a constant struggle because you can’t stay focused

  • You get to bed at a decent hour but when it is finally time to sleep you find your mind is still buzzing

  • You manage to fall asleep but you are woken in the night and struggle to fall back asleep

  • Then when your alarm goes off the next morning you are already exhausted and have to do it all over again

You can’t seem to get the sleep you need and it is disrupting your energy, motivation, health and focus - and it is making you miserable! 

You know it is possible to get a decent sleep.  You know sleep is a natural state and shouldn’t be hard.  YOU KNOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GET BETTER SLEEP!

I totally get it because I’ve been there, it felt like I might never sleep properly again, so I would stress about not being able to sleep, which would then also stop me from getting to sleep, I wondered if I would ever NOT be miserable in the morning again.  

Some people think that even if improving their sleep is possible it is going to be difficult or take a lot of time and will power.  I thought so too, but I found that hypnotherapy easily and effectively helped me get the sleep I needed to improve my life. Because of this experience I am focusing my practice on supporting my clients to get the sleep they need fast!

Results you can look forward to:

  • You are able to breeze through your days because you have energy and motivation

  • You get more accomplished with improved clarity and focus 

  • When you go to bed at night you fall asleep quickly and easily because you have already dealt with what has been keeping you awake

  • You sleep well and deeply, and if you do wake up in the night you will find yourself able to quickly fall back to sleep

  • When you wake up in the morning you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day

Say goodbye to tossing and turning and brain foggy mornings because good sleep is waiting!

The Better Sleep program is all about getting better sleep at night and helping you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.​


What's Included

One Hour Consultation

We will discuss your sleep patterns and goals to ensure that your sessions work for you! 

We will talk about​

  • what hypnotherapy is and isn't - rest assured, I cannot control your mind!

  • how hypnotherapy can fast track changes in your life and your sleep

  • any questions or concerns you might have

  • your current sleep patterns and how you would like them to improve

  • a plan created just for you to help you get better sleep​

6 personalized Hypnotherapy Sessions

Your plan will be customized to suit your goals

These sessions will help you to

  • get your mind on your own side when it comes to sleep

  • experience therapy in a relaxed and comfortable state of mind to identify and address issues that are affecting your sleep

  • quiet your mind down to reduce time laying awake in bed

  • achieve better sleep to improve your energy, focus and productivity

The Better Sleep Package has a value of around $720 but right now I am offering the complete package for only $597!

Book a free, no-pressure consultation with me today!

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Some FAQs About the Package

Couldn't I just book my sessions one at a time?

Yep, you can definitely do that and each session will be $120 
But it isn’t just about the money, the reason I offer the six session package is because it can sometimes take a little time for the message to sink in and we also want to really reinforce the messages about good sleep.  Think of it like studying, you aren’t going to look at your notes once and expect to know it all for the rest of your life, same with hypnosis, for lasting effects reinforcement is key!

How do I know I can be hypnotized?

Well, I will start by saying that pretty much anyone has the ability to be hypnotized as long as they are willing.  But I totally understand, hypnosis to the untrained eye seems pretty out there and it can be difficult to tell that you are in hypnosis when you don’t understand what it is. Because of this I take a good amount of time in the consultation to talk with you about hypnosis, what it is, how it happens, how it feels, how you know you’re hypnotized, how you have actually been in a hypnotic trance 1000s of times and I will answer any questions about hypnosis you might have.

How Do I Pay?

I love that enthusiasm, but we can wait until we have had the consultation. I take cash, e-transfers, and credit cards.