Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions

Time to get unstuck...

Maybe you want to be doing something and you just can’t bring yourself to do it or maybe you would rather stop doing some old habit but, despite all your efforts, you just keep doing it. You know why you want to make this change and you know how much it would benefit you but it seems like there is something in you that is holding you back from getting there.

  • You feel a bit self-sabotage-y,  like your own worst enemy

  • Logically you know you should be able to get this done, but you just can’t

  • The stress of being unable to achieve your goal is messing with your head

  • Life seems to be pushing along and you feel like you are being dragged behind!

You have tried so much and so hard and you are starting to wonder if change is even possible. You just want to feel like you are in control of yourself (is that too much to ask?)!

You know that your goals aren’t impossible (even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it)

You know that we are all (or should be!) in control of our own behaviours

AND you know that there must be some reason you are so stuck!

I know how it feels, I have been there myself.  I knew there were things about my life, the things I was doing, that I didn’t want there anymore, but I just couldn’t make those changes! I didn’t know why, I was using all the willpower I had but I wasn’t getting anywhere, and some things I did to help myself actually made it worse! Things finally turned around for me when I discovered hypnotherapy and because I know how effective hypnotherapy can be I created a hypnotherapy practice to get you achieving your goals and improving your life.  

So, what will life look like after you use hypnotherapy to achieve those goals?

  • You understand yourself so much more and have figured out what was holding you back!

  • It feels so much easier to work toward your goal because you know you are on your own side!

  • You notice results, you are doing what you wanted to do, and more!

  • You feel empowered because you now recognize that you do have the ability to change your life for the better, no matter what is going on

So, no more beating your head against a wall! Hypnotherapy sessions can help you understand where your unwanted behaviour or feeling is coming from and how to overcome it. 

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective (and rather pleasant) way of making changes from the inside out, which means you can actually do those things you know you can!


So what's involved? What will actually happen when you book with me?

First, before I work with any client we have a free, one-hour consultation, this is an important part of the process 

  • A 1 hour consultation to ensure that your sessions work for you! We will talk about

    • what challenges you are experiencing and what you would like instead

    • any life history that might be relevant to the goal (yes, this is still therapy)

    • how we can use hypnotherapy together to fast track changes in your life 

    • what hypnotherapy is and isn't - rest assured, I cannot control your mind!

    • any questions or concerns you might have

    • a plan created just for you to help you achieve your goals

    • at the end of the consultation if you like the plan and want to go ahead with sessions we will book the actual hypnotherapy session

  • Hypnotherapy sessions to get you to your goal. These will really vary in structure and content based on your goal, but here’s some ideas of what might happen in a session:

    • exploring what might be holding you back from your goals

    • addressing and letting go of issues, thoughts, and habits that are no longer useful for you (yes we can really do that!)

    • analyzing thoughts, dreams or insights to help you figure out why you are doing what you are doing

    • changing your subconscious perspectives to get you moving in the direction you want to go!



As I stated the one hour consultation is free! 

The cost for a hypnotherapy session (appointments are 1 hour) is $120 + tax

6 session package is $612 (15% discount)