Frequently Asked Questions

Because you are probably wondering 'Who are you and what are you doing to my mind?'

Who are you?

My name is Jennifer, you can read more about me here

What happens in the consultation?

A lot! We will meet and discuss your goal. You will be able to see if I seem like a match for you (like can you trust me? Do I know what I am talking about?) and I will see if I feel like this is something we will have success working on together.  I am looking for clients who are ready to get real, to deal with their issues and come out better for it!
I am going to be asking you questions about what your goal is, what the obstacles seem to be, what your theories are about it all, what has your life been like, I want to have a solid understanding of your life experience prior to the time your issue started.  This isn’t magic, it is therapy, so I will be listening to you and looking for clues to help us work together to get to the bottom of the issue and find solutions. Once I have an understanding of your goal and the issues around it I will let you know what my plan is to get you to your goal.
This is also where we can talk about hypnosis, what it is, and why it works so well.
Usually people start feeling a bit better just from going to the consultation!

What happens in the first session?

Well, it’s going to be pretty easy and relaxing for you.  I’ll spend a good amount of time easing you into a comfortable state of hypnosis, then I will give you a sort of introduction to hypnosis, you will experience what it is like and we will start working on your goal. I will do the talking, you just get to sit and listen and enjoy the pleasant hypnotic experience.  My clients are often surprised to note how many positive changes they experience after just the first session!

What happens in the following sessions?

That can vary depending on what happened in the previous session and what is happening in your life as a result, regardless though we continue to work towards your goal.
That might mean educating and updating your subconscious mind, we might ‘analyze’ dreams, memories or insights, we might look for the origin of a certain issue so we can “remove it at the roots” and help change perspective on past events that might still be having an impact.  
Don’t worry, I’m not going to take you back and relive your childhood traumas, there are much more pleasant and effective ways to address issues than that!

What is it like, being in hypnosis?

The experience will vary from person to person in some regards, some people (generally the more analytical type person) will stay “light” and feel like they are just listening to me talk with their eyes closed, others will feel interesting sensations like they are riding waves or zooming down a tunnel, and still others go pretty “deep” and feel like they are far away and just about to drop off to sleep throughout their session. The neat thing is it doesn’t matter if you go ‘light’ or ‘deep’ the hypnosis will be equally effective.

Can I be hypnotized?

Yes, as long as your *want* to be hypnotized, you will be, it’s similar to letting yourself go to sleep, in a way, but the major differences being you are aware the entire time and there is someone to guide you through it.

Can hypnotists control people's minds? I am worried I will tell you all my secrets!

Not to worry. I cannot control your mind, and really I can hardly control my own mind! :) As for your secrets (and why I can’t control your mind, even if I wanted to) you will be aware and in control the entire time.  It is a natural state, like ‘highway hypnosis’. If you are driving along on auto pilot and someone asked you to reveal your deep dark secrets you just wouldn’t, same with hypnosis! If I asked something you didn't want to answer or asked you to do something you didn't want to do you would either stay silent, decline, or you could even lie, if you wanted to.
I am a therapist, not a puppeteer-wannabe :)

When will I start to see results?

Okay, so I have to respond with the classic “It varies, it depends on if you are committed to your goals, if you have uncovered the reasons behind the unwanted behaviour, etc”, because that is true...  
But I will also say that most of the clients I have seen have reported changes in their behaviour after their first session, some report a change in mindset, and I don’t think I have encountered anyone yet who hasn’t experienced positive results from the initial session. 
Your openness, commitment and dedication to the goal (and yourself!) will demonstrate the best results.

So, if hypnosis is so great, why do you suggest there might be multiple sessions?

Often in hypnosis we will uncover something else that might be contributing to keeping you from your goal, there can be more than one reason and sometimes the conscious mind just doesn't make the connection. So more work would need to be done to resolve the issues.
The other reason is that the best results come from repetition, just like working out, studying, practicing an instrument or learning any new skill.  This doesn’t mean we will be doing the same thing over and over in each session, there is usually lots to uncover and address, but the repetition helps by repeatedly reminding your subconscious mind why it’s okay to let go of old patterns and the benefits of following through on the goal.

I'm not in Victoria, can we still have sessions?

Thank you for asking! Yes, I offer online sessions using Zoom or Skype.  This will take a little more preparation on your part (making sure you have a chair or couch you can fully relax into, ensuring that there won’t be any interruptions) but it will still be an effective and beneficial experience for you!