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Child Therapy

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"  Frederick Douglas

It might not feel like an easy decision to decide your child needs therapy, but children and youth are still developing and guiding them to healthy perspectives, self image, behaviour and coping mechanisms is much easier to do now.

I strongly believe that we can control our lives by controlling our perceptions and children are no exception. 

Hypnotherapy is a therapy suited especially for children, using parts of the mind they naturally use more than adults, and it approaches an issue in a way that helps a child get involved helping solve it. What can it help with? Here are some of the things hypnosis can help your child with​

  • grappling with changes in family dynamics and losses

  • recovering from the trauma of health challenges

  • mindfully move through stress and other anxieties.

  • improving self confidence

  • empowering themselves to face social anxiety or bullies

  • coping through health challenges

  • moving past sleep issues and nightmares

  • fears or phobias

I offer a FREE, no pressure one hour consultation for us to get to know each other before you commit to us working together. This is an opportunity for me to hear from you and your child about what you want and what you need and an opportunity for you to hear how I can use hypnotherapy to help your child